Sacred Soaring South District Indiana Conference

The Right Reverend John F. White, Sr., Presiding Prelate | Mrs. Penny White, Episcopal Supervisor

The Reverend Elaine P. Gordon, Presiding Elder, South District Indiana Conference

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Join us for the 2022 South District Sunday School Convention!

Christian Education 101: The Heart and Art of Worship

June 17-18, 2022 at Bethel AME Church in Jeffersonville, IN

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Greetings Sacred Soaring South District Family!

You are invited to save the dates June 17-18, 2022, for the in-person South District Sunday School Convention, hosted by the Sacred Soaring South District at Maple Leaf Academy, 201 W Charlestown Ave., Jeffersonville, IN. This is the grand finale under my administration.

Guided by the theme Christian Education 101: The Art and Heart of Worship, we will rediscover what makes for worship that glorifies God. We will explore how moods, settings, and processes affect the worship experience We will remember that the purpose of worship is a heartfelt celebration of God and God's worthiness. We will remember who we are in the image of God, in God's likeness, fearfully and wonderfully made!

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For persons who have made their transition since the last District Conference at your church, please submit a picture, name, church, and brief statement for each of the persons who have transitioned to so that they may be included in the Memorial Service.

Liturgy Development Workshop.pdf

Liturgy Development: A Sacred Responsibility

Rev. Dr. Shonda Nicole Gladden

Sacred Heart .pdf

Liturgical Dance: A Sacred Art

Sis. Jamila Carney

Sis. Jamila Carney

Dance Clinician

Hymn Medley (snippet) - Emorja.MOV

Bro. Emorja Roberson

Choir Clinician

Rev. Elaine P. Gordon is the Presiding Elder of the Sacred Soaring South District! She is our fearless leader and has pastored churches in Indiana and Illinois.

The Sacred Soaring South District is home to churches with wonderful historic legacies and vibrant ministries and worship experiences. We invite you to come experience our one church in many locations!

Ministry that is extensive is expensive. We strive to provide quality programming and support for the 20 churches on our district. We invite you to give to support the great work of our great churches.

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus!

The Sacred Soaring South District of the Indiana Annual Conference invites you to learn about us and come join us!

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