Past Meeting Resources

Check out resources and highlights from 2019's District Conference and Sunday School Convention below!

Resources from our 2019 Sunday School Convention!

God's First Covenant_2019 Sunday School Convention - D'ana Downing.pptx

Resources from our 2019 District Conference!


District Conference Program Booklet


Designing Innovative & Inclusive Christian Education

Rev. Christal Bell

Worship Design Presentation

Worship Design Models for Inclusion

Rev. Mariama White-Hammond

Worship Design Models for INCLUSION FINAL

Worship Design Models for Inclusion

Rev. Maurice Wright

Innovation in Comm. Engagement

Inclusion and Innovation in Community Engagement

Rev. Mariama White-Hammond

SDIN AME Technology Presentation

Technology for Innovative Inclusion

Bro. Michael Jefferson

Resources from our 2018 District Planning Meeting!

African Methodist Protocol

African Methodist Protocol - Mother Delores L. Kennedy Williams

In this presentation, Mother Delores Kennedy Williams shares with us her insights about A.M.E. protocol and doing things the "A.M.E. Way."

Effective and Efficient Church Administration

Effective & Efficient Church Administration - Rev. Carlos Perkins

In this presentation, Rev. Carlos Perkins shares how backwards planning or "beginning with the end in mind" can make churches more effective.

Pastor Tannika Patton - "Remember Your Vows"

Pastor Tannika Patton preached a powerfully convicting and soul-stirring message at Presiding Elder's Planning Meeting!