2020 Presiding Elder Planning Meeting Resources

We had a wonderful planning meeting and we are excited to share the resources from that meeting here!


2020 SDIN Planning Meeting Agenda

2020 SDIN Planning Meeting Plenary Presentation Resources

Rev. James Moody, Pastor of the Historic Quinn Chapel AME Church in Chicago, IL gave a remarkable presentation on change in the church and shared his slides and a presentation handout with our District.

Pastor James Moody Changing vs Adjusting - Slide Deck.pptx

"Changing vs. Adjusting" Slide Deck

Pastor James Moody - Changing vs Adjusting Document.pdf

"Changing vs. Adjusting" Workshop Resource Document

2020 SDIN Planning Meeting Component Reports and District Updates

Click below to access the reports for each of the various stakeholder groups and updates that were shared at our meeting.


SDIN Women's Missionary Society Report

Presented by Sis. Tonya Alexander, South District WMS Representative


SDIN Lay Organization Report

Presented by Sis. Catherine Woodard, Indiana Conference Lay Organization President


SDIN Young People's Department Report

Presented by Sis. DeAnna Woodruff, Indiana Conference YPD Director


SDIN District Trustees Report

Presented by Rev. Lenore Williams, South District Board of Trustees Representative


SDIN Women in Ministry Report

Presented by Rev. Stacy Debose Dyson, SDIN WIM Representative


Maple Leaf Academy Status Update

Presented by Rev. Dr. Sheiler Stokes, Pastor of Bethel AME - Jeffersonville

2020 Fourth Episcopal District Resources

Below are resources from our Fourth Episcopal District office, you can access their website by CLICKING HERE!

4th District Schedule 2021, 2.pdf

Fourth Episcopal District Meeting Schedule

2020-2021 District Calendar.pdf

Fourth Episcopal District Calendar

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Important Links and Downloads

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SDIN Handbook 2020-2021 (Final).pdf

2020-2021 District Handbook

Pastors and leaders, please refer to this document for all of the information you will need over this blessed conference year. Please contact if you have any questions or issues accessing the document or any resource on this website.

Insurance Self Assessment.pdf

Insurance Self-Assessment

Pastors and Trustees, please remember that this form is to be completed before the FIRST Quarterly Conference. Presiding Elder will ask for your completed form to send it to the 4th Episcopal District Office.

2018 Pastor Annual Conference Summary SDIN Template.xlsx

Pastor's Annual Report Form 2020

Pastors, as we bring to close the 2019-2020 Annual Conference year, let us "begin with the end in mind" and think B.I.G. about how we want our Annual Conference Reports to look in September 2020 at the 182nd Session of the virtual Indiana Annual Conference! Use this form as your resource.

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Files and Resources


Quarterly Conference Financial Report

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SDIN Fillable Pastor's Report.pdf

Long Form Pastor's Report

2020-2021 SDIN Quarterly Conference Disciplinary Questions & Financial Report Template

Disciplinary Questions Spreadsheet

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Quarterly Conference Disciplinary Questions REVISED 2016 INSO (2).pdf

Disciplinary Questions Document

Steward Quarterly Conference Report Blank INSO.docx

Steward Report Template

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Trustee Quarterly Conference Report Blank INSO.docx

Trustee Report Template

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2018 Church Contact Information.pdf

Church Contact Info Form

Statement of Vision Goals and Accomplishments - 2018.pdf

Pastoral Statement of Vision and Goals

Preparation for the Quarterly Conference.docx

Preparing for the Quarterly Conference

2018 AC Pastor Steward Observation.pdf

Steward Observation of Pastor

2018 Pastor's Compensation Report.pdf

Pastor's Compensation Form

4th District Certificate of Election.pdf

Delegate Certificate of Election

SDIN Quarterly Conference Report

South District Quarterly Conference Report

Other Important Files

SDIN Memorial Service

Quarterly Conference Memorial Service